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The Hunt for Illidan (Setlist)

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Welcome to

I created this site as a fan of the game to help build decks and buy cards, enjoy.

New Set Released: The Hunt for Illidan

The Hunt for Illidan - (Setlist)
Servents of the Betrayer - (Setlist)
Magtheridon's Lair Treasure - (Setlist)
March of the Legion - (Setlist)
Crafting Redemption - (Setlist)

This Site
This site is divided into 5 main areas.

1. Deck Builder
Deck Builder is a graphical engine for creating decks. There is also the option to import text directly into deckbuilder format. My Deck Builder is different because when creating your deck you will be able to view it's live assumed value based on what a few website sell it for.
If you wanted to purchase that deck today you would know how much it should cost you. Deck Builder also has a play simulator. This is basically a 1 player version of drawing cards. To redraw simple refresh the layout.
Another feature of this deck builder is the ability to directly export a deck to XML for play in OCTGN. This is awesome because you can no only create deck but actually play them.
In the future I want to allow this to be used to also contruct Onyxia Raid deck exportable to OCTGN xml format.

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2. Custom Deck Viewer
The Custom deck viewer allows you to navigate decks that have been saved to the site using the deck builder. It contains direct access to test draw these decks and sortable options by hero. The deck viewer also displays the relevant pricing information when you veiw a deck so you can examine what it's worth.

3. WOW Card Navigator
The Card Navigator allows you to custom list cards that exist in WOW TCG. This program has an ad-hoc ability that makes finding cards very easy. Say you want to see only fire attack type cards with 3 health, easy. At the bottom half of each card page the live active ebay auctions are listed.

4. Ebay Card Viewer
The Ebay card veiwer is basically a short cut to finding live ebay auctions by card. Select a card directly from a full list of cards and any auctions that are live on ebay should be listed.

5. OCTGN Online Play
WOW TCG was made to be played, bottom line. This area of the site looks to foster the distribution of the OCTGN software with hopes that more players look to play online.

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